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WEFLY Operation Areas

Entertainment and Communication

Film making, reports, soap operas, documentaries, production of advertising spots and promotional films, event coverage (concerts, weddings, etc.)

Safety and Prevention

Support for access and crowd control in events or border areas, woodland control and damage prevention (firefighting)

Engineering and Construction

Support for the production and execution of construction and/or industrial projects (topographic surveys, road mapping, setting manufacturing facilities layouts, etc.)

Science and Investigation

Geologic and archaeological exploration, military tactics training, agricultural harvesting and plantation control.

Technology + Expertise + Reliability

icoOperating in the unmanned aircraft industry (drones) since 2007, WEFLY has conducted work in various operational areas, countries and scenarios. Using the most advanced equipment available on the market, as part of our low-cost operating strategy, we provide services in the audiovisual industry, facilities inspection, thermography and terrestrial digital mapping.


We have the ability to lift all sorts of cameras up to 6 kg, take pictures up to 42 megapixels and produce 4K ultra HD videos. With experience in live broadcasting, we are able to send HD signal up to 5 km of distance and up to 500 meters high.

With our headquarters in Torres Vedras, Portugal, we can easily operate both within the national territory and elsewhere in the world. We are also present in the Spanish market through operating poles in Madrid, Sevilla and Barcelona. With experienced and licensed operators, WEFLY complies with the prevailing legislation ensuring quality, security and consistency in operation.

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