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Wind Turbine Inspection

The Benefits of Our Solutions

Regular inspections allow us to act preventively in order to repair instead of replacing.


  • The blades of a wind turbine can suffer serious damages considering that they are subject to adverse and varying atmospheric conditions 24 hours/day, 365 days/year. They are exposed to heavy rain and strong winds, hailstorms, electrical discharges, UV radiation and particles impact.
  • Each moment a wind turbine is not producing energy represents financial loss.
  • The turbine blades deformation and dirt accumulation degrade the performance of the wind turbines thus undermining its useful life and production capacity.
  • It is vital to perform regular inspections as a means to control and act preventively, avoiding major costs resulting from more advanced degradation states.
  • Inspecting wind turbines is essential in order to detect the necessity for action, to assess and quantify damages and its degradation over time.

“State-of-the-art drones allow us to operate faster and safer when compared to traditional methods.”


  • Use of drones customised specifically for this purpose, equipped with ultra-sonic sensors capable of measuring distances to obstacles and to the ground.
  • High-end resolution cameras, able to record Ultra HD 4K videos and photos of up to 42 megapixels.
  • In addition to the recording capacity, it is also possible to monitor the inspection in Full HD live from the ground.
  • High optical zoom lenses and sensors capable of capturing images in low light conditions.
  • Experienced, qualified crew and in compliance with all the legal requirements, formed by a pilot and a dedicated camera operator.
  • Capability of operating with winds up to 10 m/s.
  • Backup equipment and various accessories, ensuring reliability and consistency of the operation.

“Making the inaccessible accessible”


  • Recording capacity for further analysis and comparison of evolution.
  • Identify the exact location of the damage on the turbine blade (centimetre-precision).
  • Swift execution, top quality, high resolution “frame by frame” photography.
  • Real time damage identification.
  • Absence of risk to human lives, since the work is not performed at a height.
  • Delivery of regular inspection reports; evolution and damage monitoring.
  • Cost savings since day one and swift execution.
  • More frequent inspections allow for equipment repairment rather than replacement, thus reducing downtime of the turbines and costs.
  • Damage rating that allows the identification of superficial as well as structural damages.
  • Accurate results, based on digital files and sophisticated automatic sensors that go way beyond the human sight.
  • Notice regarding preventive interventions.
  • Capacity for inspecting inaccessible locations.
  • Possible use of an additional thermographic camera later on.

“Pioneers and experts in wind turbine inspection using drones

Our Service Compared to Traditional Methods

Traditional Rope Inspection

  • Set Up / 30Min

  • Positioning / 30 Min

  • Inspection (3 turbines) / 4:00 Hours

Total time / 5 Hours

Inspection with UAV's by WEFLY

  • Set up / 15 min

  • Positioning / 30 Min

  • Inspection (3 turbines) 30 min

Total time / 1H:15 min

“State-of-the-art drones, allow to operate more quickly and safely compared to traditional methods, offering more and better results guaranteeing a greater return to our customers”

“Preventive action avoids higher costs resulting from more advanced degradation states

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